PhD Graduates

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  • Stefan Lukits, “Entropy in Probability Kinematics


  • Tyler C. DesRoches, “The World As A Garden: A Philosophical Analysis of Natural Capital in Economics
  • Chris French, “Philosophy as Conceptual Engineering: Inductive Logic in Rudolf Carnap’s Scientific Philosophy
  • Jamie Hellewell, “Political Freedom: A Defence of Natural Rights Republicanism
  • Sonia Memetea, “Simpson’s paradox in opistemology and decision theory


  • Taylor Davis, “The Evolution of Religion and the Evolution of Culture
  • Andrew S. Inkpen, “Denaturing Nature: Philosophical and Historical Reflections on the Artificial-Natural Distinction in the Life Sciences
  • Alirio Rosales, “The Narrative Structure of Scientific Theorizing
  • Jie Tian, “Collective Responsibility and Democratic Practice


  • Ian Brooks, “Virtue and Situation: Effects of Situational Factors on Attention and Emotion
  • Oisin Deery, “Agentive Experience Compatibilism
  • Jillian Isenberg, “Fiction Without Pretense”
  • Josh Johnston, “Fine discernment and the priority of the particular
  • Max Weiss,“Logic in the Tractatus


  • Gemma Celestino-Fernandez, “Reference through Demonstration: Singular Terms, Propositional Attitudes and Fiction
  • Roger Stanev, “The Epistemology and Ethics of Early Stopping Decisions in Randomized Controlled Trials
  • Joseph Topornycky, “Personhood and Responsibility


  • Roger Clarke, “Belief in Context
  • Jill Fellows, “Making Up Knowers: Objectivity and Categories of Epistemic Subjects
  • James Kelleher, “Hume’s Ethics of Belief


  • Rana Ahmad, “A Normative Account of Risk
  • Yuichi Amitani, “The persistence question of the species problem
  • Suze Berkhout, “Social Identity, Agency, and the Politics of Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy in HIV/AIDS Care
  • Nola Semczyszyn, “Signal into Vision: Medical Imaging as Instrumentally Aided Perception


  • Eric Desjardins, ”Historicity in Biology


  • Vincent Bergeron, “Cognitive Architecture and the Brain: Beyond Domain-Specific Functional Specification


  • Tim Christie, “Persons and Partiality: Limitations on Consequentialist Justifications
  • Alex Korolev, “The Limits of Predictability: Indeterminism and Undecidability in Classical and Quantum Physics


  • Dustin Stokes, “Minimal Creativity: A Cognitive Model


  • Martin Godwyn, “A Defence of Extended Cognition


  • Rob Fitterer, “Bernard Lonergan’s Cognitive Theory and Aristotle’s Phronesis: Some Implications for Objectivity and Development in Virtue Ethics
  • Amit Hagar, “Foundations of Statistical Mechanics


  • Kari Gwen Coleman, “Artificial Responsibility


  • Alex Boston, “Values, Meaning, and Identity: The Case for Morality
  • Mazen Maurice Guirguis, “A Script Theory of Intentionality
  • Marilyn Kane, “Socrates’ Strongest and Deepest Concern
  • Yoshi Ogawa, “The Pursuit of Rigor: David Hilbert’s Philosophy of Mathematics
  • Athena Ogden, “Epistemic Progress in Biology: A Case Study


  •  Johnna Fisher, “The ‘Ethic of Care:’ Its Promise and Its Problems