Philosophy of the social and historical sciences; feminist philosophy of science; history and philosophy of archaeology; ethics issues in the social sciences.

Coercion and power; philosophy of sex and gender; ethics – especially related to interpersonal issues of power, trust, and social norms; moral psychology; privacy; political philosophy.

Philosophy of mind, philosophy of cognitive science.

Metaphysics, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Logic.

Logic, Decision Theory, Philosophy of Science.

History and philosophy of science, social and political philosophy.

Metaethics, Normative Ethics, Epistemology, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law.

Ancient Greek philosophy, ancient Greek natural philosophy and science, Aristotelian ethics, ethics and global poverty.

Randomization statistics, peer evaluation, iclicker benefits, automating natural deduction proof construction, experimental philosophy.

Ancient Greek and Roman philosophy, especially late ancient commentators on Plato and Aristotle (Neoplatonists); ancient philosophy of language.