2012 – Present


French, Chris

  • “Rudolf Carnap: Philosophy of Science as Engineering Explications.” In Recent Developments in the Philosophy of Science: EPSA13 Helsinki. (Eds.) Uskali M¨aki, Stephanie Ruphy, Gerhard Schurz and Ioannis Votsis. Forthcoming, expected date of publication: Fall 2015
  • “Explicating Formal Epistemology: Carnap’s Legacy as Jeffrey’s Radical Probabilism.” In Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science. Guest edited by Sahotra Sarkar and Thomas Uebel. Forthcoming, expected date of publication: Fall 2015


Lukits, Stefan

  • Maximum Entropy and Probability Kinematics Constrained by Conditionals.” Entropy (Special Issue Maximum Entropy Applied to Inductive Logic and Reasoning, edited by Jürgen Landes and Jon Williamson) (2015)
  • “The Principle of Maximum Entropy and a Problem in Probability Kinematics.” Synthese 191: (2014) 1409–1431
  • “Carnap’s Conventionalism in Geometry.” Grazer Philosophische Studien  88: (2013) 123–138


Ransom, Madeleine


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