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Degree UBC Philosophy BA ’02 Occupation Program Manager, Global Performance & Talent Development Team Biography I sort of fell into my current role and career but, looking back, it seems obvious where my professional life would take me.  I have been a Program Manager for the better part of 15 years in several industries, including […]


Degree UBC Philosophy BA ’09 Occupation Lawyer Biography During my undergraduate degree, I was interested in politics and current events (in addition to philosophy).  Law seemed like a logical extension of those interests. Everyone says that philosophy teaches you how to think and write – I agree with that, and it has served me well.  […]


Degree UBC Philosophy BA ’07 Occupation Lawyer, Government of Ontario Biography For a while in undergrad, whenever someone would ask me what I would ever do with a philosophy degree, I would lie and tell them that I’d go to law school. After a master’s degree in philosophy, and contending with the economic recession’s impact […]


Degree UBC Philosophy BA ’07 Occupation Registered Clinical Counsellor Biography First responders must carry the heavy burdens—moral, physical, and psychological—that are placed on them by policy makers on behalf of all of us. Having been a first responder myself, I am keenly aware of the stresses they face. The current psychological services available to them […]


Degree UBC Philosophy BA ’11 Occupation Philosophy PhD student Biography It was an opportunity to continue doing philosophy, and to do so in a stimulating environment surrounded by brilliant and dedicated people. I felt that I’d learned so much as an undergraduate, but that there was still so much more to learn. I wanted to […]


Degree UBC Philosophy BA ’07 Occupation Visiting Faculty, Bard Prison Initiative Biography Near the end of my computer science degree, I took a science and society course from Alan Richardson and Stephen Straker. I had always loved science but they showed me a completely different way to think about it. That inspired me to keep […]