Alumni Profiles

Lori Degree UBC Philosophy BA, ’06 Occupation Research Analyst and Consultant for HR Biography Philosophy allows me to take my training and interest in ethics and apply it in a challenging context: helping HR professionals to advocate for employee wellbeing in various business contexts. It provides the opportunity to take theories and ideas that have a […]

Reiko Degree UBC Philosophy BA, ’01 Occupation Real Estate Professional/Entrepreneur Biography What attracted you to your current career? The flexibility of my own schedule because I am also a full-time mother.  Fascinated by the real estate market and love working with people. Looking back, what role did philosophy play in your personal development? – Critical thinking […]

Amer When I learned that Canada was welcoming 50,000 Syrian refugees in 2016, I felt a sense of urgency around being part of the receiving party, particularly because I myself am an Arabic immigrant to Canada

Patrick Philosophy is good preparation for just about anything, as most careers involve critical thinking, and some amount of ethical decision making.

Vida Degree UBC Philosophy BA ’09 Occupation Assistant Professor of Philosophy Biography Philosophy is seen as a relatively isolating enterprise, and while that can be true, I’ve found that it has allowed me to meet some of my closest friends in college and graduate school.  You can really get to know somebody through trying to grasp […]

Ted Degree UBC Philosophy BA, ’08 Occupation Postdoctoral Research Fellow Biography What attracted you to your current career? That I get paid to write, think, and talk about philosophy 🙂 Philosophy has played a formational role in my personal development.  I was lucky enough to have found philosophy at a young age in my early teens.  […]

Miriam Degree UBC Philosophy BA, ’13 Occupation Policy Analyst, Ministry of Social Development & Social Innovation Biography The possibility of addressing societal issues and inequities through improved government actions and policies.  Constantly learning about and speaking to experts and stakeholders in other fields (economists, lawyers, health experts, etc.)  Makes the most of my favorite skills of […]

Nilofar Degree UBC Philosophy BA ’03 Occupation Instructor, Liberal Arts Program Biography Imagined myself as a teacher or university professor. Teaching gives me an opportunity to remain in academic environment, to put my knowledge and experience in use, and finally to inform students and learn from them.  It also enables me to continuously upgrade my understanding […]

Jon Degree UBC Philosophy BA ’12 Occupation Reporter, Video Journalist, and Associate Producer Biography Growing up I never knew really knew what I wanted to do, but if someone happened to ask me what my dream job was, I would instinctively say ‘documentary filmmaker’. I’ve always been interested in exploring, meeting new people, and telling stories. When […]

Marijke Degree UBC Philosophy BA ’02 Occupation Program Manager, Global Performance & Talent Development Team Biography I sort of fell into my current role and career but, looking back, it seems obvious where my professional life would take me.  I have been a Program Manager for the better part of 15 years in several industries, including […]

Rebecca Degree UBC Philosophy BA ’09 Occupation Lawyer Biography During my undergraduate degree, I was interested in politics and current events (in addition to philosophy).  Law seemed like a logical extension of those interests. Everyone says that philosophy teaches you how to think and write – I agree with that, and it has served me well.  […]

Aaron Degree UBC Philosophy BA ’07 Occupation Lawyer, Government of Ontario Biography For a while in undergrad, whenever someone would ask me what I would ever do with a philosophy degree, I would lie and tell them that I’d go to law school. After a master’s degree in philosophy, and contending with the economic recession’s impact […]

Paul Degree UBC Philosophy BA ’07 Occupation Registered Clinical Counsellor Biography First responders must carry the heavy burdens—moral, physical, and psychological—that are placed on them by policy makers on behalf of all of us. Having been a first responder myself, I am keenly aware of the stresses they face. The current psychological services available to them […]

Pamela Degree UBC Philosophy BA ’11 Occupation Philosophy PhD student Biography It was an opportunity to continue doing philosophy, and to do so in a stimulating environment surrounded by brilliant and dedicated people. I felt that I’d learned so much as an undergraduate, but that there was still so much more to learn. I wanted to […]

Michael Degree UBC Philosophy BA ’07 Occupation Visiting Faculty, Bard Prison Initiative Biography Near the end of my computer science degree, I took a science and society course from Alan Richardson and Stephen Straker. I had always loved science but they showed me a completely different way to think about it. That inspired me to keep […]