2008–2009 Colloquia

Spring 2009

Robert Kane (University of Texas, Austin) “Are All Values Relative?: Seeking Common Ethical Ground in a Pluralist World” – March 6

Spring Colloquium (Mini Conference on “Free Will, Responsibility, and Moral Community”) – Saturday, March 7

(Organized by: Paul Russell)
Angela Smith (University of Washington) • Chair: P. Russell
“Unconscious Omissions, Reasonable Expectations, & Responsibility”
Robert Kane (University of Texas) • Chair: O. Deery
“Free Will, Responsibility, and the Moral Community”
Scott Anderson (UBC) • Chair: J. Tian
“How Coercive Communities Affect Determinations of Responsibility for Actions”
David Shoemaker (Bowling Green) • Chair: J. Topornycky
“Responsibility and Disability”

Scott Edgar (UBC) “Hermann Cohen and a Kantian Problem of Objectivity” – March 27
Marcus Arvan (UBC) “Groundwork for a Non-Ideal Theory of Justice” – April 3

Fall 2008

(Organized by: Eric Margolis)

Joan Weiner (Indiana University, Bloomington) “On knowing when to stop: Davidson on predication” – November 14
Dan Ryder (UBC, Okanagan) “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Naturalizing Empty Concepts” – October 24
Corolina Sartorio (University of Wisconsin, Madison) “Failing to Do the Impossible” – October 3
Steve Stich (Rutgers) “Empirical Challenges to the Use of Intuitions as Evidence in Philosophy” – September 12