2009–2010 Colloquia

Spring 2010

(Organized by: Ori Simchen)
Dan Kaufman (Colorado) “Descartes, Material Substance, and the Real Distinction” – January 22
Natalie Gold (Edinburgh) “Framing and Team Reasoning” – March 5
David Schmidtz (Arizona) “What Teachers Owe Students” – March 12
Patricia Churchland (UC San Diego) “Morality and the Social Brain” – March 19

Philosophy Department “Spring Colloquium” on Epistemology & Information – March 20 (Saturday)

(Organized by: Matt Bedke and Chris Mole)
“The Concepts of Information and Deception in Signaling Games” • Brian Skyrms (UC Irvine)
“Epistemic Logic and Epistemology” • Audrey Yap (University of Victoria)
“Field’s Deflationary Philosophy of Logic” • Phil Hanson (Simon Fraser)
“The Psychology and Epistemology of Ethical Intuitions” • Matt Bedke (UBC)

Frederique de Vignemont (CNRS, Paris; NYU) “The coming out of bodily sensations” – April 9

Fall 2009

(Organized by: Ori Simchen)
Derek Matravers (Open University) “Narrative and Fiction” – September 11
Michael Griffin (Killam Fellow, UBC) “Mangling Aristotle’s Tables: Ancient and Modern Perspectives on the Ambiguity of the Categories” – September 25
Sherri Roush (Berkeley) “Optimism about the Pessimistic Induction” – October 2
Samuel Scheffler (NYU) “The Good of Toleration” (2009 Richard and Dorothy Sikora Annual Lecture) – October 23
Keith Lehrer (Arizona/Miami) “Art and Intentionality” – October 30
Evan Thompson (Toronto) “Embodiment and Consciousness” – November 6
Jeremy Fantl (Calgary) “A Defense of Dogmatism” – November 20
Brad Murray (UBC) “The Making of Driftwood: Understanding the Ontology of Found Artifacts” – December 4