2010–2011 Colloquia

Spring 2011

(Organized by: Matt Bedke and Margaret Schabas)
Mukesh Eswaran (UBC) “Self-Awareness of Culpability: The Mainspring of Moral Behavior?” – January 21
Lara Buchak (UC Berkeley) “Faith and its Relationship to Belief” – February 4
David Silver (UBC) “Towards an Epistemology of Objective Norms of Ethics” – February 25
Allan Gibbard (Michigan) “Meaning as a Normative Concept” – March 4
Lisa Shapiro (Simon Fraser) “Spinoza on Imagination and the Affects” – March 11
Nathan Salmon (UC Santa Barbara) “Recurrence” (Dept Colloquium) – March 18

Philosophy Department “Spring Colloquium” on “Normative Questions” – March 26 (Saturday)

(Organized by: Sylvia Berryman and Scott Anderson)
Mark Warren (UBC): “Exit-based Empowerment in Democratic Theory”
Elizabeth Brake (University of Calgary): “The Limits of Parental Rights: Feminism, Family Law, and Self-Respect”
Sarah Buss (University of Michigan): “The Value of Humanity”
Margaret Cameron (University of Victoria): “Norms of meaning: Do you know what you’re talking about?”

Paul Bartha (UBC) “What Can We Learn from Analogies in Mathematics?” – April 1
Jim Franklin (University of New South Wales) “Realism, Australian Style: Universals, Probabilities, Mathematics” – June 14
Naomi Scheman (U of Minnesota) “In Praise of Discombobulation” – July 22

Fall 2010

(Organized by: Matt Bedke and Margaret Schabas)
Rick Grush (UCSD) “Control, Embodiment, and Demonstrative Semantics” – September 17
Rob Stainton (Western Ontario) “Pragmatic Impairments” – September 24
Donald Ainslie (Toronto) “Hume’s Diagnosis of False Philosophy” – October 1
Sarah Stroud (McGill) “Partiality and Plural Agency” – October 15
Stephen Darwall (Yale) “Bipolar Obligation” – October 22
Matthew Fulkerson (UBC) “Touch without Touching” – October 29
Andrea Woody (University of Washington) “Is Water H2O? Molecules, Models, and Making Sense” – December 3