2011–2012 Colloquia

Spring 2012

(Organized by: Alan Richardson)
J. A. (Hans) Radder (Amsterdam) “Does the Brain ‘Initiate’ Freely Willed Processes? A Philosophy of Science Critique of Libet-Type Experiments and Their Interpretation” – January 6
Sandy Goldberg (Northwestern) “Safety, Luck, and Gettierization” – January 13
Alan Hájek (Australian National University) “Staying Regular” – January 20
Sandra LaPointe (McMaster) “Bolzano’s Logical Syntax” – February 10
Uygar Abaci (UBC) “Kant, Possible Worlds, and the Coextensiveness of Modal Categories” – March 2

Philosophy Department ‘Spring Colloquium” – March 10 (Saturday)

(Organized by Andrew Irvine and Roberta Ballarin)
Carrie Ichikawa Jenkins (UBC) “Justification Magnets”
John Carriero (UCLA) “Epistemology Past and Present”
Gila Sher (UCSD) “Truth as Composite Correspondence”
Anjan Chakravartty (Notre Dame “Worldmaking and Ontology”

Carla Fehr (Waterloo) “Alone in a Crowded Room: Ignorance, Objectivity, and Women in Science and Engineering” – March 16
Miranda Fricker (Birkbeck) “What Is The Point of Blame?” – March 30
Johan van Benthem (Amsterdam/Stanford) “Logical Dynamics of Intelligent Interaction” – April 13

Fall 2011

(Organized by: Paul Russell)

Susan Haack (University of Miami) “Epistemology: Who Needs It?” (2011 Richard and Dorothy Sikora Annual Lecture) – September 23
Stephen Davies (Auckland) “Literary Darwinism Examined” – September 30
Asbjørn Steglich-Petersen (Aarhus/UBC) “Knowing the Answer to a Loaded Question” – October 7
Roberta Ballarin (UBC) “Disjunctive Effects and the Logic of Causation” – October 14

Mini Conference on David Hume – October 22, Saturday

(Organized by: Paul Russell)
Angela Coventry (Portland State)
“Hume and Rawls”
Margaret Schabas (UBC)
“Hume on Economic Well-Being”
Don Garrett (NYU)
“Hume’s Sense of Probability”

John Richardson (NYU) “Nietzsche on Truth” – October 28
Michael Griffin (UBC) “Platonism’s Two Worlds” – November 4

Priori Workshop 2011 – November 18–20

(Organized by: Carrie Ichikawa Jenkins)
Gillian Russell (WUSTL)
Commentator: Roberta Ballarin (UBC)
Jonathan Ichikawa-Jenkins (UBC)
Commentator: David Plunkett (UCLA)
Michael Devitt (CUNY)
Commentator: Adam Morton (UBC)
John Bengson (Wisconsin)
Commentator: Matt Bedke (UBC)
Christina Van Dyke (Calvin College)
Commentator: Kris McDaniel (Syracuse)
Jeremy Fantl (Calgary)
Commentator: Asbjørn Steglich-Petersen (Aarhus/UBC)

Christopher Mole (UBC) “The Unexplained Intellect” – November 25