2012–2013 Colloquia

Spring 2013

(Organized by: Carrie Ichikawa Jenkins)
Mary Domski (University of New Mexico) “Descartes’ Mathematical Physics: A Reassessment” – January 11
Mark Balaguer (California State University, Los Angeles) “Why the Debate over Composition is Factually Empty (Or, Why There’s No Fact of the Matter Whether Anything Exists)” – January 25
Roberta Millstein (University of California, Davis) “Re-examining the Darwinian Basis for Aldo Leopold’s Land Ethic” – February 8
Jessica Wilson (University of Toronto) “A determinable-based account of metaphysical indeterminacy” – March 8

Philosophy Department “Spring Colloquium” – March 15-16

(Organized by: Paul Russell)
Carol Rovane (Columbia) “Group Agency and Individualism” – Commentator: Tian Jie (UBC)
Oisín Deery, Taylor Davis and Jasmine Carey “The Free-Will Intuitions Scale and the Questions of Natural Compatibilism” – Commentator: Matt Bedke (UBC)
Tamler Sommers (Houston) “Philosophical Busybodies: The Case of Desert” – Commentator: Gunnar Björnsson (Umea)
Tom Hurka (University of Toronto) “Aristotle on Virtue: Wrong, Wrong, and Wrong” – March 22

Fall 2012

(Organized by: Matt Bedke)
Rebecca Copenhaver (Lewis & Clark) “Perception and the Language of Nature” – September 14
Christopher Hitchcock (Cal Tech) “Evolutionary Forces” – September 28
Masashi Kasaki (UBC) “What is Liberalism Good For?” – October 12
David Copp (UC Davis) “Rationality and Moral Authority” – October 26
Ian Hacking (Toronto) “On Logic” – (Richard and Dorothy Sikora Annual Lecture) November 2
Eric Schwitzgebel (UC Riverside) “The Moral Behavior of Ethics Professors” – November 9
Berit Brogaard (University of Missouri-St Louis) “Perceptual content and phenomenal seemings” – November 3