2013–2014 Colloquia

Spring 2014

(Organized by: Carrie Jenkins)

Holly Andersen (Simon Fraser University) “Causation as an Information-theoretic Relationship Between Patterns in the Causal Nexus”
– January 17, 2014

James Van Cleve (University of Southern California, Dornsife) “Reid on Direct Realism and Nonexistent Objects of Conception”
– February 7, 2014

Stephen Engstrom (University of Pittsburgh) “Understanding Autonomy: Form and Content of Practical Knowledge”
– March 7, 2014

Department of Philosophy “Spring Colloquium” – March 15, 2014

(Organized by: Jonathan Ichikawa)

Jonathan Ichikawa (University of British Columbia) “Modals, ‘Knows,’ and Epistemic Standards”
Audrey Yap (University of Victoria) “Feminist Radical Empiricism as Ideal Theory”
Sherrilyn Roush (University of California, Berkeley) “The Difference between Knowledge and Understanding”
David Chalmers (Australian National University; New York University) “Perception and Skepticism: From Eden to the Matrix”

Fall 2013

(Organized by: Roberta Ballarin)

Gabriel Greenberg (University of California, Los Angeles) “The Geometry of Pictorial Reference”
– September 13, 2013

Cody Gilmore (University of California, Davis) “Compositional Nihilism and the Cogito”
– October 4, 2013

Dana Nelkin (University of California, San Diego) “Difficulty and Degrees of Moral Blameworthiness and Praiseworthiness”
– November 8, 2013

Jean Gayon (University Paris 1 – Pantheon Sorbonne) “Population Genetics, Economic Theory, and Eugenics in the Work of R. A. Fisher”
– November 29, 2013