2014-2015 Colloquia

(Organized by: Jonathan Ichikawa and Evan Thompson)

All colloquia will be from 3–5 in BUCH A203 this term. There will be a 45–60 minute presentation, followed by a brief break, then a question and answer period. UBC Philosophy colloquia are always free and open to the public.

Spring 2015

Jennifer Nagel (University of Toronto) “Epistemic self-consciousness”
– January 30, 2015

Alva Noë (University of California, Berkeley) “Getting Organized”
– February 27, 2015

Kathrin Koslicki (University of Alberta) “A Hylomorphic Analysis of Concrete Particular Objects”
– March 20, 2015

Stacie Friend (Birkbeck, University of London) “Reality in Fiction”
– March 27, 2015

Fall 2014

Saba Bazargan (University of California, San Diego) “Individual Responsibility in Cooperative Projects”
– September 12, 2014

Richard Tuck (Harvard University) “The Sleeping Sovereign” (joint colloquium with Politics)
– September 26, 2014

Jennifer Windt (Johannes Gutenberg-Universität) “Dreaming and the self”
– October 17, 2014

Gillman Payette (UBC Banting Fellow) “Some Formal Thoughts on Group Agents”
– November 21, 2014