2015-2016 Colloquia

Organized by: Murat Aydede

Colloquia will be on Fridays from 4–6 in BUCH A201 unless noted otherwise. There will be a 45–60 minute presentation, followed by a brief break, then a question and answer period. UBC Philosophy colloquia are always free and open to the public.


Spring 2016

January 15th

Sarah Jansen (Carleton College): “Plato and Laughing at People

January 29th

Peter Carruthers (University of Maryland): “Valence and Value

February 12th

Michael Blake (University of Washington) – CANCELLED

February 26th

Christine Tappolet (University of Montreal): “The Metaphysics of Moods

March 18th

Tamar Schapiro (Stanford University and MIT): “What could ‘incline without necessitating’ the will? (or: how is passion possible?)”


Fall 2015

September 11th

Bronwyn Finnigan (Australian National University): “Inciting Fear to Achieve Fearlessness: A Puzzle in Buddhist Moral Philosophy” 

September 25th

Nick Riggle (New York University): “Beauty and Love

October 2nd

Rick Creath (Arizona State University): “Carnap and Ontology: Foreign Travel and Domestic Understanding”

October 16th

Dan Steel (UBC): “Confronting Ibsen’s Predicament: Epistemic Priority versus Aims Approaches to Values in Science”

October 23rd

Marshall Abrams (University of Alabama): “Probability in mechanistic explanation”

November 13th

Holger Andreas (UBCO): “Analyzing Causation by the Ramsey Test”