Fall 2004–Spring 2008 Colloquia

The following talks were given by visiting speakers from September 2004 to April 2008. UBC and SFU faculty are not listed. Recent speakers before 2004 included Alex Byrne, Noel Carroll, Fred Dretske, Jesse Prinz, Alison Simmons, and many others.

Spring 2008

(Organized by: Murat Aydede)
Lisa Shapiro (Simon Fraser) “Passionate Perception in Descartes and Spinoza” – April 11
John Searle (UC Berkeley) “Language and Social Ontology” 2008 Richard and Dorothy Sikora Annual Lecture – March 26
Berys Gaut (St. Andrews) “Medium-Specificity Arguments and Cinema” – March 7
Alan Thomas (Kent/UBC) “Liberalism, Republicanism and the Idea of an Egalitarian Ethos” – Feb 29
Phil Dowe (Queensland) “Every Now and Then: A-Theories of Time and Closed Time-like Curves” – Feb 15
Justin Fisher (UBC) “The Authority of Pragmatic Conceptual Analysis” – Feb 8
Richard T. W. Arthur (McMaster) “Leibniz and the Elimination of Time” – Feb 1
Joshua Knobe (UNC Chapel Hill) “The Pervasive Impact of Moral Judgment” – Jan 25
Pamela Hieronymi (UCLA) “Two Kinds of Agency” – Jan 11

Spring Colloquium (Mini Conference on Philosophy of Mind) – Saturday, March 15

(Organized by: Ori Simchen)
Murat Aydede (UBC) “Are Phenomenal Zombies Conceivable?”
John Perry (Stanford) “Return of the Zombies”
Justin Fisher (UBC) “Why Nothing Mental Is in the Head”
Brie Gertler (Virginia) “Self-Knowledge and the Transparency of Belief”

Fall 2007

(Organized by: Chris Stephens)
Rachel Zuckert (Northwestern) “Kant on the Emotions of Reason” – Dec 7
Margaret Schabas (UBC) “Nature Does Nothing in Vain: Self-Reflexivity as an Adaptive Trait” – Nov 16
Brian Hepburn (UBC) “Physics without Newton: How Euler Explained Everything” – Nov 9
Alan Thomas (Kent) “Is Practical Reasoning “Essentially First Personal”?” (Talk to the Value Theory Workshop) – Nov 5
Austen Clark (Connecticut) “Modeling Sensory Awareness” – Nov 2
George Sher (Rice) “Knew or Should Have Known?” – Oct 26
Tyler Burge (UCLA) “Perceptual Objectivity” – Oct 19
Doran Smolkin (Kwantlen) “Puzzles about trust” – Oct 12
Alan Richardson (UBC) “Has philosophy of science completely lost its (transcendental) mind?” – Oct 5
Anita Silvers (San Francisco State University) “Justice For Outliers: More On Redeeming Social Contract Theory” – Sept 28
Pablo Rychter (Logos-Universitat de Barcelona/UBC) “Stage Theory and Proper Names” – Sept 21
Peter Singer (Princeton) (4-5:30 p.m. In Frederic Wood Theatre) “Global Poverty: what are our obligations?” (Sikora Lecture) – Sept 7

Spring 2007

Brian Thomas (UBC) “On some Recent Attempts to Address Group Differentiated differences Under the Norm of Equality”
Bence Nanay (UBC / Syracuse) “Perception, Action and What’s In-Between”
Audrey Yap (UVic) “Creation and Construction: Dedekind and Kronecker on the Philosophy of Mathematics”
Anita Ho (UBC) “To Trust or not to Trust: That is the Question”
Allen Wood (Stanford) “Kant and the Right to Lie”
Tina Lupton & Alex Dick (UBC English) “Theory and Practice in 18th Century Philosophy: a short Introduction; Thomas Reid, Media Theorist”
Gideon Yaffe (USC) “Excusing Mistakes of Law”

Fall 2006

Justin Fisher (UBC) “The Challenge of Syntactic Typing”
Bradley Armour-Garb (SUNY, Albany)
Harvey Brown (Oxford) “Time and Motion”
Ernie Lepore (SFU) “When the Medium is the Message”
Thomas Pogge (Columbia University) “Why I am not a Rawlsian”
Wayne Myrvold (UWO) “Simplicity and Theory Choice: Ockham’s Disposable Razor”
Mark McPherran (SFU) “Socratic Epagoge and Socratic Induction”

Spring 2006

Gillian Russell (Washington University in St Louis) “Truth in Virtue of Meaning”
Jeff McMahan (Rutgers University) “War, Terrorism, and the ‘War on Terror'”
Jesse Prinz (UNC Chapel Hill) “The Emotional Foundation of Moral Attitudes”
John Campbell (UC Berkeley) “What’s the Role of Spatial Awareness in Perception of Objects?”

Fall 2005

Peter Kivy (Rutgers University) “A Tale of Two Authenticities”
Shaun Nichols (University of Utah)
Ernie Sosa (Brown University and Rutgers University) “Dreams and Philosophy”
Bonnie Kent (University of California, Irvine) “Aquinas and Weakness of Will”
Amie Thomasson (University of Miami) “Answerable and Unanswerable Questions”
David Kaplan (UCLA) “Some Help for Students with the Difficult Bits in ‘On Denoting,’ on the Centenary of That Great Work”
Ruth Anna Putnam “Democracy as a Way of Life”
Hilary Putnam (Harvard University) “Philosophy in the 21st Century”

Spring 2005

Margaret Osler (University of Calgary) “When Did Gassendi Become a Libertine? Or, The Historian of Philosophy in Context”
Lynn Hankinson Nelson (University of Washington) “It Takes a Village: Creating Knowers”
David Raynor (University of Ottawa) “What Kind of Philosopher Was Hume?”
Jonathan Kaplan (Oregon State University) “The End of the Adaptive Landscape Metaphor?”
John Searle (University of California, Berkeley) “The Ontology of Civilization”
David Stern (University of Iowa) “Wittgenstein’s Physicalism: Why Wittgenstein Accused Carnap of Plagiarism”
Adam Morton (University of Alberta)
Candace Vogler (University of Chicago)
Robert Hopkins (University of Sheffield) “The Epistemology of Moral Testimony”
Kendall Walton (UNiversity of Michigan) “Hobby Horses and Children’s Games”
Hartley Slater, (University of Western Australia) “Out of the Liar Tangle”

Fall 2004

Jan Wolenski (Jagiellonian University) “Determinism and Logic”
Tad Schmaltz (Duke University) “The Metaphysics of Rest in Cartesian Physics”
Jennifer Whiting (University of Toronto) “Aristotle on Friendship”
Elijah Millgram (University of Utah) “Why Didn’t Nietzsche Get His Act Together?”
Ish Haji (University of Calgary) “Intrinsically Motivated Actions and Appraisability”
David Widerker (Bar Ilan University) “Insufficiently Robust Alternatives, and the Principle of Alternative Expectations”
Michael McKenna (Ithaca College) “Where Frankfurt and Strawson Meet”
Angela Smith (University of Washington) “Guilty Thoughts”