Philosophy Students’ Association


The Philosophy Students’ Association (PhilSA) is the AUS Club devoted to undergraduate students in philosophy at UBC. We currently hold one seat at Department meetings, and one seat on the Department Curriculum Committee. We keep undergraduate students of philosophy informed of upcoming talks, colloquia, department news, calls for papers, scholarships, and other things through our email list, website and Facebook page. We also run an online undergraduate journal called hemlock.

The PSA organizes recreational and social gatherings in order to unite UBC’s students of philosophy. These events provide the ideal forum for interesting exchanges as well as academic and social enjoyment. The Association also represents philosophy students amongst other groups at UBC, including the philosophy department, university administration and other student groups. Furthermore, the Association seeks to enrich philosophy students by providing a forum for philosophical discussion.

We seek to create an inspiring and enlightening environment for all students of philosophy. Please feel free to email us if you wish to become a member. For more information and events, please visit our website and Facebook page.