UBC Partnerships

Philosophy faculty and graduate students are affiliated with many other units on campus, including these:

The Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Study: UBC’s premier interdisciplinary research institute, the Peter Wall Institute features several Department members as faculty associates. Several Department members are or have been Distinguished Scholars in Residence or Early Career Scholars at the Institute.

Green College: This residential college for graduate students has faculty fellows and sponsors many interdisciplinary lecture series that the Department has helped to convene.

St John’s College: Another residential college for graduate students, emphasizing UBC’s international reach, St John’s has also sponsored many series convened by members of the Department.

The Centre for Applied Ethics: The Centre has been affiliated with the Department since its founding and features among its members several distinguished philosophers. The Department maintains, through its connections with the Centre, a PhD research stream in Applied Ethics.

The Science and Technology Studies Graduate Program: This program features several Department members as affiliated faculty. Through its connection with the program the Department maintains a PhD research stream in Science and Technology Studies.

Cognitive Systems: Several Department members are affiliated faculty in the Cognitive Systems Program. The Department sponsors one stream of the Cognitive System major.