Travel Funding

As part of the graduate training UBC Philosophy Department encourages graduate students to attend conferences, present work, and build professional networks. Students have several funding sources during their MA and PhD programs which may be used to reduce the cost of delivering a talk or presenting a poster at an academic conference.

In addition to funding provided by the program supervisor, graduate students can access a one-time department travel grant of $500 towards the cost of attending an academic conference or workshop during the course of their MA and/or PhD programs. Students can also access travel funding via the Department’s Graduate Student Travel Bank. The travel bank is a department initiative, funded voluntarily by faculty with uncommitted grant funding. All requests are subject to availability of funds and typical amounts of funding from the travel bank are: $500 for North American travel and $1000 for overseas travel with a maximum of one request per student per academic year.

Students can also apply to the Faculty of Graduate Studies for a travel grant in the amount of $500 towards costs associated with delivering a talk or presenting at an academic conference. You may only receive $500 per degree.