Philosophy Placement Program

Philosophy Placement

The Department is committed to placing its doctoral candidates in suitable academic employment. The three main components of its placement program have been devised to make UBC graduates maximally competitive in the philosophy labour market.

As (1) and (2) below make clear, preparation for placement begins in the first year of graduate studies.

  1. Research and Publication. Graduate students are advised to tailor their seminar and thesis research to the needs of the philosophy market, while, of course, pursuing their own philosophical interests. Presentation and publication are essential to success in placement. Students are required to present their on-going research in the Graduate Student Colloquium and some senior candidates are invited to give presentations as part of the Philosophy Department Colloquium. The Faculty of Graduate Studies provides travel stipends for students presenting papers at academic conferences. Members of the Department with extensive publication experience help students prepare manuscripts for submission.
  2. Teaching Experience. Most graduate students serve as Teaching Assistants and many doctoral students teach courses of their own, ideally at a variety of levels and in a variety of areas of philosophy. Extensive teaching experience is an asset for candidates seeking teaching positions. They should write a teaching statement, assemble a comprehensive set of teaching evaluations and should solicit at least two letters of recommendation that focus on teaching covering a period of several terms.
  3. The Placement Workshop. The department sponsors an annual workshop for prospective job-seekers. New graduate students are encouraged to attend so that they may plan their activities in graduate school with placement in mind. Workshop activities include:
  • an introduction to preparing for the job market
  • a roadmap to the dossier: letters, writing samples, dissertation abstract, teaching statement and evaluations
  • tips and tricks from recent job candidates
  • videotaped mock interviews and “job talks”

For more information, contact Dr. Murat Aydede