Ph.D. University of California, Los Angeles. Philosophy of Language, Philosophy and Linguistics, Philosophy of Logic, Cognitive Science, Artificial Intelligence, Computational Semantics, Formal Semantics.

Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh. Associate Professor, W. Maurice Young Centre for Applied Ethics, School of Population and Public Health, UBC; and Associate Member of UBC Department of Philosophy

South Asian philosophy, concept formation, cognitive theory, cross-cultural philosophy, ethics, religion and philosophy.

Logic, Philosophy and Foundations of Mathematics

Philosophy of the social and historical sciences; feminist philosophy of science; history and philosophy of archaeology; ethics issues in the social sciences.

Ph.D. Stanford University. Professor and Canada Research Chair in Chinese Thought and Embodied Cognition, Department of Asian Studies, UBC; and Associate Member of UBC Department of Philosophy

Theories of Rights and Biological Agency, Animal Rights, Cognitive Ethology, Animal Law, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Physics, Mathematical Logic, Philosophy of Biology.

Ph.D. University of Arizona. Associate Professor and Director, W. Maurice Young Centre for Applied Ethics, UBC; Chair in Business and Professional Ethics, Sauder School of Business, UBC; and Associate Member of the UBC Department of Philosophy

Coercion and power; philosophy of sex and gender; ethics โ€“ especially related to interpersonal issues of power, trust, and social norms; moral psychology; privacy; political philosophy.