Paul Russell

Research Interests    

Paul Russell’s interests cover the areas of free will and moral responsibility along with various topics in early modern philosophy. Within the area of free will and moral responsibility he is particularly interested in the challenge of scepticism and theories of responsibility that appeal to reactive attitudes or moral sentiments. On the subject of early modern philosophy he is especially concerned with the philosophy of David Hume and how his philosophy relates to problems of religion and atheism.

Currently Teaching
In January 2018, Paul Russell took up an appointment as a Professor of Philosophy at LUND UNIVERSITY, where he also serves as Director of the Lund|Gothenburg Responsibility Project (LGRP). This is a half-time research position and has been made possible thanks to a major grant from the Swedish Research Council for “the international recruitment of leading researchers” (2014). Professor Russell will continue, on a half-time basis, at UBC, where he has taught philosophy since 1987.

Professor Russell is currently on leave from UBC and will return to teaching in January 2020.

A CV and further information about Paul Russell’s research interests, education, publications, awards, and teaching can be found on his personal web pages (see bar on right).

Graduate: Cambridge University PhD (1986)
Undergraduate: Edinburgh University M.A (Honours) – 1st class (1979)

Awards and Honours (selected)
Major Swedish Research Council grant for “the international recruitment of leading researchers” (2014).
UBC Killam Faculty Research Prize (2014).
Fowler Hamilton Visiting Fellow at Christ Church, Oxford University (2010).
Journal of the History of Philosophy Prize for best book published in the history of philosophy in 2008 [The Riddle of Hume’s Treatise (Oxford University Press)].
UBC Killam Teaching Prize (2007)
Kenan Distinguished Visitor at North Carolina, at Chapel Hill (2005).
Mellon Fellowship at Stanford University (1989-90).
Research Fellowship at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge (1984-1987).

My books can be viewed on the website: here