Scott Anderson

Selected Publications
  • On Sexual Obligations and Sexual Autonomy”, Hypatia, 2013
  • On the Immorality of Threatening”, Ratio, 2011
  • The Enforcement Approach to Coercion”, Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy, 2010
  • Privacy without the Right to Privacy”, The Monist, January 2008
  • “Prostitution and Sexual Autonomy: Making Sense of the Prohibition of Prostitution”, Ethics, 2002


Research Interests    

I work on issues at the intersection of ethics and social and political philosophy, largely focused on how to use and regulate power, coercion, and social norms. A significant number of my publications investigate these issues in the area of gender relations, as they occur in prostitution, dating and mating, sexual harassment, and rape. I also have ongoing interests in action theory and moral psychology, privacy, and problems related to the intensification of technology and information.