Philosophy in 2021W

What will Philosophy courses be like in 2021W?

The vast majority of our courses in the coming academic year will take place in person. We will, however, continue to offer a selection of Distance Education (DE) courses during 2021W. DE courses do not have set lecture times and may not have any synchronous (live, real-time) components, other than assessments (e.g. assignments, exams). As such, DE courses have been designed for students to be able to take classes from UBC without having to come to campus. Our DE courses for the coming academic year are as follows:

Introduction to Critical Thinking

  • Term 1: PHIL 120-99A, Alexandre Korolev
  • Term 2: PHIL 120-99C, Alexandre Korolev

Symbolic Logic

  • Term 1: PHIL 220A-99A, Leslie Burkholder
  • Term 2: PHIL 220A-99C, David Gilbert

Business and Professional Ethics

  • Term 1: PHIL 331A-99A Rana Ahmad
  • Term 2: PHIL 331A-99C, Rana Ahmad

Bio-Medical Ethics

  • Term 1: PHIL 333A-99A, Doran Smolkin
  • Term 1: PHIL 333A-99B, Doran Smolkin
  • Term 2: PHIL 333A-99C, Doran Smolkin
  • Term 2: PHIL 333A-99D, Doran Smolkin

Please note: under UBC’s current policy, there is a DE course administration fee, as well as a DE course credit limit. Taking DE courses may also affect your eligibility for US Direct Loan funding

We encourage you to consult the syllabuses of individual courses for more detailed information about how our courses will be conducted this fall.

Both Faculty- and department-level advising services are available on a remote basis should you have any questions about this or the 2021W session generally.

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