Academic Advising

Arts Advising

Arts degree, program, and course advice is provided through the Arts Faculty Advising Office in Buchanan D111.

The Arts Faculty Advising Office assists students with degree-planning; administers regulations governing the B.A. degree; and evaluates and approves (as appropriate) requests for course changes, withdrawals, academic concessions (for medical, emotional or other reasons), and letters of permission for study elsewhere.

Philosophy Advising

Please visit our Academic Advisors page for details on whom to contact within the Department of Philosophy.

Withdrawing from Courses

In the Winter Session, one-term courses may be dropped from a student’s program without record within two weeks of their commencement; two-term courses may be dropped without record within three weeks of their commencement. Thereafter, students may withdraw from a one-term course up to the end of the sixth week and from a two-term course up to the end of the twelfth week of classes, with approval from the Arts Faculty Advising Office. If granted, such withdrawal will be recorded on the transcript with a “W”. Students are not normally permitted to withdraw from courses after these dates (or their Summer Session equivalents, which may also be obtained from the Arts Faculty Advising Office).