Honours in Philosophy

The Honours in Philosophy program is the normal route to graduate study and requires the maintenance of high academic standards. Students are strongly encouraged to apply for admission to the honours program by the end of their second year. The Philosophy Department recommends that applications for the Philosophy Honours program be received by May 31 each year. We will allocate spaces to applicants in May and June and notify students of the results. We may have room for late applications (even during the fall term), but we encourage you to apply by the May 31 deadline.

Applicants are normally expected to have obtained a minimum grade of 80% in at least two of Philosophy 220, 230, or 240. Students must also obtain a recommendation from a philosophy instructor in order to be considered for admission.

All application forms and letters of recommendation can be submitted in person at the Philosophy Department’s Main Office (BUCH E370) or e-mailed to phil.undergrad@ubc.ca. Questions about the honours degree should be directed to the Honours Advisor.

Download the honours program application form here.


An honours degree in philosophy comprises at least 60 credits (and no more than 72 credits) in philosophy, subject to the following requirements:

The following five courses (15 credits) are required: PHIL 220, 230, 240, 330, 340

Two courses (6 credits) must be chosen from the 300-level history of philosophy sequence: PHIL 310, 311, 314, 315

Two 6-credit honours seminars (12 credits): PHIL 390, 490

An additional 24 credits of third- and fourth-year PHIL courses (excluding PHIL 400, 401, and 491) to provide a total of at least 48 third- and fourth-year PHIL credits (including the third- and fourth-year credits required above).

Any additional 3-credit PHIL course (including 1xx and non-required 2xx courses).

The Department strongly suggests any student considering an honours degree in philosophy to take at least six credits of 1xx or non-required 2xx courses to gauge their interest and talent.  These courses are Phil 100 (6), 101 (3), 102 (3), 120 (3), 125 (3), 150 (3), Phil 211 (3), 212 (3), 260 (3).

See our Undergraduate Courses page for current philosophy course listings.