Major in History & Philosophy of Science

The only requirement for admission is consultation with the program advisor.

First & Second Year Requirements (12 credits)

Students must complete HIST/PHIL 260, and at least 9 credits of first and second year HIST or PHIL courses. The following are recommended: HIST 104, 105, 106, 259; PHIL 125, 220, 230, 240.

Third & Fourth Year Requirements (30 credits)

Students must complete HIST 393/PHIL 360, and one (3 credits) of HIST 490, PHIL 491.

They must take an additional 15 credits from the following list, with no fewer than 6 credits in PHIL and 6 credits in HIST: HIST 392, 394, 395, 396, 398, 440, 487, 491, 493, 494, 495, 581, 589; PHIL 321, 362, 363, 427, 460, 461, 462, 464, 469.

The remaining 9 credits will normally be taken from upper-division HIST or PHIL courses (excluding PHIL 400, 401). Students may substitute any of the following: BIOL 446; CLST 306; ENGL 309; GEOG 345; MATH 446; MATH 447; PHYS 340; PSYC 312.

See our Undergraduate Courses page for current philosophy course listings.

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PHIL491 Substitutes in 2017-18

Please note that the Philosophy Department will be offering only three sections of PHIL491 in 2017-18:  one section of PHIL491 in fall 2017, and two sections of PHIL491 in winter 2018. We had to cancel one section, PHIL491 001 that had been planned for fall 2017.

The UBC Calendar specifies that Philosophy majors students must satisfy the fourth-year research requirement by taking PHIL491. The Department has approved PHIL418 and PHIL432 (both offered in fall 2017) as alternative ways of satisfying the research requirement for 2017-18. There is no special “research” version of these courses, nor is the content of the courses being altered in any way. All students are welcome to take these courses, even if they plan to take PHIL491 for the research requirement.

Summarizing:  Philosophy majors students can satisfy the research requirement by taking any of PHIL491, PHIL418 or PHIL432. Students who plan to take PHIL418 or PHIL432 but NOT PHIL491 should notify the majors advisor that this will be their way to satisfy the research requirement.