Preparing for Graduate Work in Philosophy

Students considering the possibility of graduate work in philosophy are advised to consult with the Department’s Majors Advisor as early as possible in their final year of undergraduate studies.

The courses required for UBC’s Major or Honours programs are good preparation for graduate school. In addition to the courses required for the Major and Honours in philosophy, we recommend taking:

  1. a third- or fourth-year course in value theory (ethics, social and political philosophy, or philosophy of art)
  2. a third- or fourth-year course in metaphysics, epistemology, or philosophy of science
  3. a minimum of two additional third- or fourth-year courses in any of the above or related areas

Typically, philosophy graduate programs require a sample of philosophical writing. Students should take care to write a suitable paper, perhaps in conjunction with the Honours Colloquium or another fourth-year course.

Applicants should have a minimum average of 76% or graduate with upper second class standing or better.

Please see our Graduate page for more information.