Leslie Burkholder

Research Interests    

Randomization statistics, peer evaluation, iclicker benefits, automating natural deduction proof construction, experimental philosophy.

Currently Teaching Winter 2015

PHIL125 Introduction to Scientific Reasoning Sections

Historical and logical analysis of various types of scientific hypotheses and the data that support or undermine them. This course is restricted to students with fewer than 90 credits.

Winter 2015

PHIL120 Introduction to Critical Thinking Sections

Tools for dealing with both everyday and more technical arguments and concepts. Analysis and resolution of confusions, ambiguities, and fallacies. This course is restricted to students with fewer than 90 credits.

Winter 2015

PHIL220A Symbolic Logic I - SYMBOLIC LOGIC I Sections

Sentential and predicate logic. Translation from natural language; truth tables and interpretations; systems of natural deduction up to relational predicate logic with identity; alternative proof methods. Some sections may use computer-based materials and tests.

Winter 2015

PHIL433A Bio-Medical Ethics - BIOMEDICAL ETHIC Sections

Moral problems arising in the health sciences, especially in medicine but also in biology, psychology, and social work. Topics include abortion, death and euthanasia, genetic engineering, behaviour modification, compulsory treatment, experimentation with human beings and animals, and the relationship between professionals and their patients, subjects or clients. No philosophical background is required.