UBC Philosophy BA, ’13


Policy Analyst, Ministry of Social Development & Social Innovation


The possibility of addressing societal issues and inequities through improved government actions and policies.  Constantly learning about and speaking to experts and stakeholders in other fields (economists, lawyers, health experts, etc.)  Makes the most of my favorite skills of research and analysis.

I can’t imagine myself without philosophy.  Philosophy cultivates both open-mindedness and critical thinking, both of which are critical to self-growth.  It has provided clarity of though on moral and political issues that shape my thoughts and actions.  It also increased trust in myself.  I can trust myself to make good life decisions because philosophy has taught me how to evaluate and make considered judgments about complicated problems, often with conflicting points of view or courses of action.

Enjoy your time studying philosophy now.  Don’t limit yourself: philosophy can lend itself as excellent preparation for a wide range of Master’s programs and career paths. You have a unique skill set with broad application.

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