Philosophy BA ’05, MA ’07


Medical Officer, Canadian Armed Forces


I was attracted to a career as military physician in large part because I felt that, regardless of my views on foreign policy, those men and women putting their lives on the line for their country and what they believed was the right thing to do, deserved a doctor.  When I finished my MA, the CAF were at war in Afghanistan and they were short on doctors.  I also really enjoy being able to help others, and the challenging nature of the profession.

An important part of doctoring is critical thinking.  Philosophy is a great foundation for seeing the errors in the reasoning of both oneself and others.  Another would be ethics.  Medicine is full of ethical dilemmas, so a solid foundation in ethical reasoning and the history of ethics debate is a real asset.

Overall, be open-minded.  Philosophy is good preparation for just about anything, as most careers involve critical thinking, and some amount of ethical decision making.  I’ve personally been happiest in careers that have been intellectually stimulating, but that’s for you to decide.