UBC Philosophy BA, ’08


Postdoctoral Research Fellow


What attracted you to your current career?

That I get paid to write, think, and talk about philosophy 🙂

Philosophy has played a formational role in my personal development.  I was lucky enough to have found philosophy at a young age in my early teens.  While I engaged in a significant amount of independent study throughout high-school, it was only upon starting my studies at UBC that I was able to pursue

my studies in the structured way required for mastery of the subject matter.  I’m indebted to my professors at UBC for challenging me and pushing me to take care to think rigorously.

Regardless of your eventual profession, the role of an active, open-minded, and engaged community should not be underemphasized.  A supportive and inclusive environment not only makes work more personally rewarding and fun, but also makes progress signficantly more efficient.  I learned about the importance of community during my time as an undergraduate at UBC through my involvement with the Philosophy Students’ Association and the rest of the deparmental community.  If I can offer one piece of advice, it is to remember that, as a member of any group, you have a significant ability to impact the behavior of the group. As corny as it may sound: be the change you want to see.


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