UBC Philosophy BA, ’06


Research Analyst and Consultant for HR


Philosophy allows me to take my training and interest in ethics and apply it in a challenging context: helping HR professionals to advocate for employee wellbeing in various business contexts. It provides the opportunity to take theories and ideas that have a lot of potential impact, and translate those into practical ways that they can be implemented to make life better for employees.

It provided the critical thinking skills to navigate a wide variety of topics and develop my own perspective, rather than simply adopting the views of others. For me it was a great compliment to my previous religious education, as studying philosophy gave me access to such a wide variety of thinkers and points of view from different historical periods. This gave some needed context to theological history that I was lacking, and gave me a new appreciation for the complexity of both philosophical and theological debates. Most of all, philosophy helped me to clarify my own ethical views and think about how I want to contribute to the world.

Philosophy will help you to be a better thinker in whatever career you choose; it’s a great foundation and preparation for working in many different settings. Don’t think only of whether you want a job teaching philosophy, see it as an entry point to many career paths, and as great training to help you excel at whatever you choose. I’ve taught students from many backgrounds in my previous role as an ethics instructor while completing my PhD, and have seen how all of them benefitted from becoming more careful thinkers.

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