UBC Philosophy BA, ’01


Real Estate Professional/Entrepreneur


What attracted you to your current career?

The flexibility of my own schedule because I am also a full-time mother.  Fascinated by the real estate market and love working with people.

Looking back, what role did philosophy play in your personal development?

– Critical thinking

– Self-discipline

– Led me to be more open-minded/objective

-Motivated me to take on research with confidence and excitement


What advice would you offer current philosophy students?

Study Nietzsche 🙂

My original plan was to pursue the Law.  I was very interested in logic and proper argument formulation.  Philosophy opened my mind to so many different ideas and worlds, that I felt whatever I pursued would be valuable experience, regardless.  I became an entrepreneur and have owned and operated 3 different companies.  My 4th one is my real estate business.

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