The Metaphysics of Love Workshop 2. December 4th, 2017

What? A day of talks and an evening of art exploring romantic love


When? Talks: 9am-4.30pm Screenings: 7.30pm December 4th


Where? Talks: Buchanan D324  Screenings: The Fox Cabaret, 2321 Main Street


How much? It’s free!


—For email to past attendees—

Dear XXXX,


Last year you attended Carrie Jenkins’s workshop on the metaphysics of love. We’re happy to say we’re doing it again, and invite you to rejoin us this year.


—For a general invite—

We would like to invite you to a day and evening of philosophy, art, and love.



During the day we have a one-day interdisciplinary workshop of talks, readings, and discussion. Presenting will be Andrea Iacona, Vicki Larson, Carrie Jenkins, and Jesse Wolfe. You can find the schedule of talks on the workshop’s webpage here, in addition to more information about the speakers. Please join us to continue the collaboration between philosophers and poets thinking about romantic love.

In the evening, w


We would like to invite you to a day and evening of philosophy, art, and love.

We are pleased to present poet Ray Briggs, filmmaker Swoon, and photo artist Angela Fama. We will present the first screening of Ray and Swoon’s collaborative videopoems Fairytale Romance and Fear of Monsters, followed by a screening Angela Fama’s major work What is Love. For What is Love, Angela travelled across Canada and the US documenting the variety of people’s experiences of love. A live Q&A will follow this screening.

For over three years now, Carrie’s project has been part of an ongoing conversation about love taking place in and around Vancouver and the Pacific North West. Please join us and be part of the continuing conversation about what love is and what it could be.


Funding for this event comes from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

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