Philosophy Colloquium – Dr. Rudolf Meer: ‘The 1913 Declaration of the Philosophers. Alois Riehl and the History of Psychology’

Friday December 1, 2023
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
1866 Main Mall, Vancouver


Alois Riehl was one of the six initiators of the “Declaration Against the Occupation of Philosophical Chairs with Representatives of Experimental Psychology”. Based on Riehl’s philosophical position in “The Principles of the Critical Philosophy” and further archive materials, I reconstruct the emergence of the declaration and the reasons why Riehl signed and defended it against critics. His motivation in support of the declaration was based on a clear conception of the distinction between empirical and experimental psychology and the restriction of philosophy to epistemology and philosophy of science. This case study allows me to study in greater detail the heterogeneous relationship between neo-Kantianism and psychology.

Speaker Bio:

Rudolf Meer is currently the PI of a Marie Curie financed project at the Department of Mathematics at the University of Siegen. Based on methods of integrated history and philosophy of science, the project aims to shed new light on neo-Kantianism. At the core are previously marginalized figures such as Ilse (Rosenthal-) Schneider and Alois Riehl. Much of Meer’s recent work and work in progress centers on the history of philosophical ideas and philosophical analysis of science, especially on the sources of scientific philosophy.

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