Teaching & Research Assistantships

Teaching Assistantships

Teaching assistantships are available to all Philosophy graduate students. The stipend for a full-time appointment (average of 12 hours/week for 8 months) is approximately $12,000 per year. The latest negotiated payrates can be found here.
Students admitted to the program are contacted in late spring concerning these positions.

Research Assistantships

Many faculty members in our department maintain a high research profile, and have grant funding which provide opportunities for graduate research assistantships. These appointments are desirable because they involve students directly in work that is relevant to their research interests. RA’s are arranged directly with the faculty member concerned who is usually, but not always, the student’s supervisor.

Teacher Training and Supervision

Training for Teaching Assistants (TA’s) is provided in the fall term by the Department as well as by the UBC Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology, which provides teaching workshops and a peer coaching service.

In addition, teaching evaluations of all graduate students who teach in the Department are collected by the TA Supervisor, who may also write letters of reference pertaining specifically to teaching.

See our Academic Advisors page for the Department’s current TA Coordinators.