Congratulations to the UBC Philosophy Class of 2024!

Today we are celebrating a new class of UBC Philosophy Alumni. This afternoon’s commencement ceremony recognizes seventy-seven new UBC Philosophy BAs, including fifty-two Philosophy majors, twelve Philosophy joint majors, eleven Philosophy honours students, and two History and Philosophy of Science students. There are also twenty-seven new bachelor degrees with a Philosophy minor, two new Philosophy MAs, and one new Philosophy PhD.

Congratulations to all these students for completing their degrees! I will be participating in today’s graduation ceremony myself, and look forward to celebrating this milestone with students who will also be there in person, as well as sending my best wishes and congratulations to those who are unable to attend.

Most of the students graduating with us today persisted with all of us doing our best to continue teaching and learning in unprecedented pandemic conditions. This wasn’t always smooth or easy; it is a testament to the dedication of our students, faculty, and staff that together, we made it work. I’d like to give particular thanks to this special class of students for their patience and perseverance during this period.

Our students are moving on to a wide variety of careers, programs, goals, strategies, and projects. Philosophy has always been among the most versatile academic subject matters; anyone whose life will feature complex thought, critical analysis, research, or reading and writing will regularly call on their philosophical experience. These skills are only becoming more important in our fast-developing world. The Philosophy Department takes pride in the roles that our teaching plays in the lives of our alumni, and we’re excited to see what our newest class of graduates has in store for the world.

Included below is a list of some of our graduating students, along with brief messages they’ve sent in.

All best wishes, and warmest congratulations,

Jonathan Ichikawa
UBC Philosophy Department Head


The Degree of Master of Arts, Philosophy
Macdonald Noah
The Degree of Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy
AldridgeBradleyὁ δὲ ἀνεξέταστος βίος οὐ βιωτὸς ἀνθρώπῳ
BobynAlex"Can speculation satisfy Notion without Reality?"
CardenasChristelSapere Aude! Dare to Know!
CheungJeremyDA 2040
CuddingtonEeroI found my home in The History and Philosophy of Science at UBC. I hope others will as well.
DemersEliaThank you so much to all my philosophy professors throughout my four years at UBC! I have really enjoyed learning under your direction, and I will forever be grateful for the valuable education I have received and the strong philosophy foundation I will use no matter the career path I choose.
NasiopoulosEfthimiosI first visited this campus in 2010 and had a ridiculous thought of going here one day. Seemed like a pipe dream at the time. Still pinching myself at the thought of graduating with this amazing group of peers, under such a generous and encouraging staff. Have a wonderful summer everyone.
Peres SchneiderFabio
WangYuxuanIn 2019, I embarked on a journey, eager to grasp more of the world and of myself. Today, after four and a half years of university life and pursuing a double major, I am finally more convinced: the only thing I know is that I know nothing.
WangYahuiI DID IT!!! Best time in my life! Special thanks to my friends Mei and Aure! And my boyfriend Spark!! WOAINIMEN! (Love u allll <3)
YangJing Shu