Eric Margolis

Selected Publications
  • “Concept nativism and neural plasticity”, with Laurence, S., in The Conceptual Mind: New Directions in the Study of Concepts (MIT Press), 2015, pp. 117-147
  • “Abstraction and the origin of general ideas” with Laurence, S., Philosophers’ Imprint, 12, 2012, pp. 1-22
Research Interests    

My research focuses on questions that arise at the intersection of the philosophy of mind and the cognitive sciences. I am especially interested in the developmental origins of the human conceptual system, the relationship between language and thought, and the explanation of distinctively human cognition. I am also interested in the implications of this work for questions about general philosophical methodology.

Recent and Upcoming Presentations
  • “Concept nativism as an inference to the best explanation”, 2015. The Origins of Thought: Early Cognitive Abilities. University of the Basque Country. Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain
  • “Innate ideas in the contemporary nativism-empiricism debate”, 2014. The Innateness Hypothesis: Then and Now, Rutgers. Newark, NJ USA