Jonathan Ichikawa

Selected Publications
  • Justification is Potential Knowledge, Canadian Journal of Philosophy, 44 (2), July 2014: 184-206
  • Basic Knowledge and Contextualist “E=K”, Thought, 2 (4), December 2013: 282-92
  • The Rules of Thought (Oxford University Press 2013, co-authored with Benjamin W. Jarvis)
  • The Analysis of Knowledge“, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, co-authored with Matthias Steup


Research Interests    

The bulk of my research centres around epistemology—especially questions about knowledge and questions about the epistemology of philosophy itself. I also have research interests in philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, philosophical methodology (including experimental philosophy), cognitive science, and metaphysics, especially but not exclusively concerning the bearing of these latter subdisciplines on epistemology, and vice versa.

My primary research project at the moment concerns the theoretical significance of knowledge, and the bearing of contextualism about knowledge attributions on such theorizing. I am working on a monograph on this topic, tentatively titled Knowledge in Theory and Context, under contract with Oxford University Press. I am also under contract to edit the Routledge Handbook of Epistemic Contextualism.

Please see my personal website for more details and links to publications and works in progress.

Recent and Upcoming Presentations
  • A Middle Road for Intuition, Philosophical Methodology Workshop, Hong Kong, May 2015
  • Internalism, Factivity, and Having Reason Enough, Factive Turn in Epistemology Workshop, Vienna, Austria, May 2015
  • Moorean Contextualism, International Epistemology Workshop, Kyoto, Japan, February 2015; Departmental Colloquium, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary, December 2014
  • A Hybrid Virtue Epistemology for Logic, Metaphysical Basis of Logic Workshop, Northern Institute of Philosophy, Aberdeen, Scotland, July 2014
  • Modals, “Knows”, and Epistemic Standards, UBC Spring Colloquium, Vancouver, Canada, March 2014
  • Modals, Modality, and Modal Epistemology, Workshop on Epistemology of Counterfactuals and Thought Experiments, Berlin, September 2013