Jonathan Ichikawa

Selected Publications
  • Contextualizing Knowledge, Oxford University Press, 2017.
  • The Rules of Thought, co-authored with Benjamin Jarvis, Oxford University Press, 2013/16.
  • Rape Culture and Epistemology, co-authored with Bianca Crewe, forthcoming in Jennifer Lackey (ed), Applied Epistemology, Oxford University Press.
  • Faith and Epistemology, Episteme, Online Early.
  • On Putting Knowledge ‘First’, co-authored with C. S. I. Jenkins, in J. Adam Carter, Emma Gordon, and Benjamin Jarvis (eds), Knowledge-First: Approaches to Epistemology and Mind, Oxford University Press (2017): 113–131.
  • Basic Knowledge First, Episteme, 14(3), September 2017: 343–61.
  • Justification is Potential Knowledge, Canadian Journal of Philosophy, 44 (2), July 2014: 184–206.
  • Pragmatic Encroachment and Belief-Desire Psychology, co-authored with Benjamin Jarvis and Katherine Rubin, Analytic Philosophy, 53 (4), December 2012: 323–47.
  • Experimentalist Pressure Against Traditional Methodology, Philosophical Psychology, 25 (5), October 2012: 743–65.
  • Dreaming and Imagination, Mind and Language, 24 (1), February 2009: 103–21.
  • Thought-Experiment Intuitions and Truth in Fiction, co-authored with Benjamin Jarvis. Philosophical Studies, 142 (2), January 2009: 221–46.


Research Interests    

My work so far has focused primarily in epistemology (especially questions about knowledge and questions about the apriori), philosophy of language (especially questions about context-sensitivity), and philosophy of mind (especially questions about imagination and questions about intentionality).

I am currently focusing on issues having to do with the normativity of epistemology—in particular, whether there are ‘positive’ epistemic norms that actively require belief, rather than merely negative ones that prohibit it—and on connections between analytic epistemology and feminist ideas, especially relating to rape culture.

Please see my personal website for more details and links to publications and works in progress.


Recent and Upcoming Presentations
  • Testimony, Rape Culture, and Contextual Injustice, Canadian Society for Women in Philosophy session, Canadian Philosophy Association, Vancouver, June 2019
  • Contextual Injustice, Departmental Colloquium, UNC–Chapel Hill, August 2018
  • Intuition, Rationality, and Normative Criticism, “Knowledge Beyond Natural Science” workshop, Stirling University, May 2018
  • On Defensiveness, Queen’s University Belfast, May 2018
  • Author Meets Critics: Contextualising Knowledge, APA Pacific, San Diego, CA, March 2018
  • Pragmatic Encroachment and Epistemic Duties, UBC Moral and Pragmatic Encroachment Workshop, January 2018
  • Positive Epistemology, Departmental Colloquium, Aarhus University, August 201
  • Contexts and Acting on Probabilities, Probabilistic Knowledge Symposium, Hamburg, August 2017
  • The Rational Irrelevance of Cognitive Phenomenology, Cognitive Phenomenology Workshop, Bergen, June 2017