Matt Bedke

Selected Publications


Research Interests    

I specialize in normativity, and I like to call the bulk of what I do meta-normativity. So I look at first-order inquiries in ethics, prudence, rationality, epistemology, political philosophy and philosophy of law, and gravitate toward the second-order semantic, meta-semantic, metaphysical, epistemic, psychological and logical questions that arise. Sometimes I stick to the first-order inquires to weigh in on what matters and what reasons we have.

Recent and Upcoming Presentations
  • University of Michigan Summer Workshop on The Science of Ethics, June 2013, TBD (but on evolutionary debunking arguments)
  • Pacific APA, March 2013, “Phenomenal Abilities: Incompatibilism and the Experience of Agency” (with Oisin Deery and Shaun Nichols)
  • Canadian Philosophical Association Roundtable on Fitting Attitudes, May 2012, ‘Fitting Attitudes and Expressivism’