Murat Aydede

Selected Publications
    • “Pain: Perception or Introspection?” to appear in The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Pain, edited by Jennifer Corns.
    • “Critical comments on Williams and Craig’s recent proposal for revising the definition of pain” (with Andrew Wright), forthcoming in Pain.

    • “Defending the IASP Definition of ‘Pain’,” to appear in a special issue of The Monist

    • “A Contemporary Account of Sensory Pleasure” to appear in Pleasure: A History, edited by Lisa Shapiro (Oxford University Press)

    • “Reasons and Theories of Sensory Affect” (with Matt Fulkerson) to appear in The Nature of Pain, edited by David Bain, Michael Brady and Jennifer Corns (Oxford University Press)

    • Pain,” in Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2015

    • Affect: Representationalists’ Headache” (with Matt Fulkerson), Philosophical Studies, 170(2): 175-198, 2014

    • “How to Unify Theories of Sensory Affect: An Adverbialist Proposal”, Review of Philosophy and Psychology, 5(1): 119-133, 2014

    • “Is Feeling Pain the Perception of Something?”, Journal of Philosophy, 106(10): 531-567, 2009

    • “A Short Primer on Situated Cognition” (with Philip Robbins) in Cambridge Handbook of Situated Cognition, edited by Philips Robbins & Murat Aydede, Cambridge University Press, 2009

    • “Cognitive Architecture, Concepts, and Introspection: An Information-Theoretic Solution to the Problem of Phenomenal Consciousness” (with Güven Güzeldere), Noûs, 39(2): 197-255, 2005

Research Interests    

I work primarily in philosophy of psychology/cognitive science, and more generally, philosophy of mind. In recent years, I have increasingly focused on perceptual and affective consciousness. My current research involves developing a theory of sensory affect that would also illuminate perceptual consciousness. I have also been working on a book project developing an information-theoretic (but internalist) account of perceptual consciousness and its introspection with phenomenal concepts with an aim to show how to properly respond to various recent anti-physicalist arguments.

Currently Teaching

On study leave until January 2018