Roberta Ballarin

Selected Publications
  • “Disjunctive Effects and the Logic of Causation”, forthcoming in The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
  • The Necessity of Origin: A Long and Winding Route”, forthcoming in Erkenntnis
  • Modern Origins of Modal Logic”, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2010
  • Validity and Necessity”, The Journal of Philosophical Logic, 34.3 (2005): 275-303
  • The Interpretation of Necessity and the Necessity of Interpretation”, The Journal of Philosophy, 101.12 (2004): 609-638


Research Interests    

My research interests focus primarily on metaphysics and philosophical logic. My main current research project is on the nature and sources of necessity. In particular, I am working on a manuscript on the connections between origin, namely causal-historical production, and necessity. I am also interested in belief and other propositional attitudes as well as causation. Some of my work focuses on the historical development of modal logic and on the distinction between formal semantics and intended interpretation.