David Gilbert

Selected Publications
  • “Reflexive-Insensitive Modal Logics.” (with Giorgio Venturi.) Review of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 9, Issue 1, 2016, 167–180.
  • “Actuality, Quantifiers, and Actuality Quantifiers.” Logique et Analyse, Vol. 58, No. 232, 2015, 457–486.
  • “Modular Sequent Calculi for Classical Modal Logics.” (With Paolo Maffezioli.) Studia Logica, Vol. 103, Issue 1, 2015, 175–217.
Research Interests    

My research has largely been focused on the model theory and proof theory of intensional logics. I also have interests in the philosophy and foundations of mathematics as well as the use of free and open-source materials in teaching logic.