Combined Major in Philosophy and Economics

The combined major in philosophy and economics is designed for students who want to pair economic analysis with philosophical insight. This major might be a good choice if you are interested in topics such as markets, rational choice, social welfare and broad political themes such as justice and fairness.


Admission into this program is by application only through the Vancouver School of Economics.


Economics Requirements:

Students take an 18-credit core plus ECON 490 and 9 credits of electives in economics of which at least 3 credits must be at the 300-/400-level. The 18-credit core consists of ECON 101, 102, 301 (or 304 or 201 or 206), 302 (or 305 or 202 or 207), 325, and 326. Students are strongly advised to take ECON 318 and ECON 319 (equivalent to PHIL 362 and PHIL 363).

Philosophy Requirements:

Students take an 18-credit core plus 12 credits of electives at the 300-/400-level. The elective credits may not (except with departmental permission) include PHIL 400, 401. The 18-credit core consists of PHIL 220, 230, 240, 330, 340, and 491, plus 3 credits of history of philosophy from PHIL 310, 311, 314, or 315.

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