Philosophy Students’ Association

The Philosophy Students’ Association (PhilSA) is devoted to undergraduate philosophy students at UBC.

They keep philosophy undergraduate students informed of upcoming talks, colloquia, department news, calls for papers and scholarships. The PhilSA also organizes recreational and social gatherings in order to unite UBC’s philosophy students and foster a community around philosophical discussion.

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The UBC Journal of Philosophical Enquiries

The UBC Journal of Philosophical Enquiries (JPE) is a student-run, academic philosophy journal dedicated to publishing undergraduate philosophy research from students across Canada. Organized by PhilSA, the JPE provides students with a platform for sharing their ideas and work, as well as an opportunity to receive publication credit during their undergraduate years.

Submissions must follow these guidelines:

  • Written in English
  • Maximum of 25 pages, no minimum
  • Double-spaced
  • Complete list of citations in MLA, Chicago or APA style
  • Philosophically relevant
  • Must be well-written and demonstrate advanced philosophical ability.

All submissions must be sent to and contain:

  • A .doc copy of your paper
  • A .PDF copy of your paper
  • A separate document containing:
    • An abstract including the title of your paper
    • Your full name
    • Your institution
    • Your major(s)/ specialization(s)
    • Your contact information

We do a blind-review process of papers to ensure the elimination of bias. Please remove any identifying information from the submitted paper. The review process will begin, time permitting, upon submission of the paper. Notifications regarding acceptance will be sent out after completion of the review process.

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