Additional Faculty

Philosophy Instructors:
Rana Ahmad: Sessional Instructor. Office: BUCH E172.  Send email

Thomas Bittner: Lecturer. Office: BuTo 201. Send email

Robert Brain: Associate Professor, Department of History, UBC. Send email

Jordan Dodd: Sessional Instructor. Term 1: BUCH E172. Term 2: BUCH E360. Send email

Kelin Emmett: Assistant Professor Without Review. Office: BUCH E158. Send email

Alexandre Korolev: Sessional Instructor. Office: BUCH E360. Send email

Anders Kraal: Lecturer. Office: BUCH E158. Send Email

Stefan Lukits: Sessional Instructor. Office: BUCH E172. Send email

David Friedell: Sessional Instructor. Office: BUCH E275. Send email

Doran Smolkin: Continuing Sessional Instructor. Office: BUCH E172. Send email

Brooks Sommerville: Assistant Professor Without Review. Office: BUCH E275. Send email

Willow Verkerk: Sessional Instructor. Office: BUCH E172. Send email

Affiliated Interests:

Anita Ho: Associate Professor in Bioethics at the Centre for Applied Ethics. Send email

Judy Illes: Professor of Neurology and Canada Research Chair in Neuroethics: BUCH E172. Send email